Cold War Colonialism: Anishinaabek Responses to Uranium Mining at Elliot Lake


Speaker: Lianne C. Leddy In this talk, Leddy will discuss Serpent River First Nation’s resilience in confronting colonial extractive practices during the Cold War period. Relying on oral and archival research methods, Leddy argues that Anishinaabek responses to the devastating impacts of uranium mining in our territory were framed by a powerful understanding of health […]

Heritage, Meaning, and Remembering Well in 21st Century Canada

Microsoft Teams

Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Bird This event is part of the Military Lecture Series hosted by Guelph Museums. Tune in for “The torch; be yours to hold it high”: Heritage, Meaning, and Remembering Well in 21st Century Canada, presented by Dr. Geoffrey Bird on Thursday April 14th, 2022 at 7 pm. Interpreting John McCrae’s immortal poem, In Flanders Fields, as […]

32nd Canadian Military History Colloquium

The 32nd Canadian Military History Colloquium will be held in-person at Wilfrid Laurier University on 6-7 May 2022. For more information visit

Canada and the Second World War at Sea with Jeff Noakes


Jeff Noakes Active on many fronts during the Second World War, the Royal Canadian Navy played its best-known and arguably most crucial role in helping to keep Allied shipping lanes open in the Atlantic. Meanwhile, Canadian merchant ships and merchant sailors transported vital supplies to Allied forces and populations around the world. On Canada's home […]

Ne-kah-ne-tah: The Liberation of Welberg, Memory, Meaning and Experience


CLICK HERE to register Over five days in November 1944, the Algonquin Regiment played a pivotal role in the capture of the tiny Dutch town of Welberg. In 2018, twenty Canadian university students returned to the site as part of an experiential learning course focused on the Regiment’s warpath from Point 140 to the Kusten […]

Per Ardua Ad Astra: The Royal Canadian Air Force in the Second World War with Mike Bechthold


Mike Bechthold CLICK HERE to register In a few short years, the Royal Canadian Air Force expanded from a small domestic force of 8 squadrons and 4,000 personnel to a globe-spanning air force with 80 operational squadrons and 250,000 personnel (including 17,000 women). The RCAF defended London, led the Normandy invasion, protected convoys in the North Atlantic, […]

To Help Win the Fight: Canadian Servicewomen and the Second World War with Stacey Barker


CLICK HERE to register Stacey Barker The Second World War brought many crucial changes to the lives of Canadian women, including the opportunity for wider military service. Recruits who joined the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force Women’s Division, and the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service challenged conceptions, broke barriers, and helped […]

The Irish Canadian Rangers in Canada and Ireland, 1914–17 with Terry Copp (LCSC)

Laurier Centre for the Study of Canada

All LCSC public lectures will be available both in-person and virtually on Zoom. For those interested in attending in-person, please visit 232 King Street North, Waterloo. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event begins at 7:00pm. If you are unable to attend in-person but would still like to watch the event virtually, click here to register […]