Help the British Grenadier Bookshop

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Announcements, LCSC, War and Society | 0 comments

Canadians who visit Ypres and the salient to learn about Second Ypres, Mont Sorrel, and Passchendaele have long relied on Steve Douglas’ tours and have enjoyed browsing his bookstore, The British Grenadier. As a Canadian Steve has helped to remind all visitors of the important role played by Canadians in each of these battles. Our battlefield study tours rely on advice from Steve and make use of his Maple Leaf Legacy project. COVID 19 ended tourism to Ypres but Steve’s fixed costs, especially rent, have placed his bookshop and tour business in jeopardy. This Go Fund Me project was developed by some of Steve’s friends and admirers who want to ensure that his role as Canada’s unofficial representative in Ypres continues. Please show your support with a donation small or large.

To find out how to donate, click HERE