On War & Society E33: Voicing Dissent during the First World War with Geoff Keelan

by | Jul 2, 2020 | LCSC, Podcast, War and Society | 0 comments

Henri Bourassa was a French Canadian nationalist, politician, journalist, and “one of the most…vocal voices of dissent in Canada during the First World War.” Despite Bourassa’s significance on the Canadian home front and within the international pacifist movement, his story is little-known outside of Quebec. Geoff Keelan sits down with Kyle Falcon to discuss Bourassa’s life and legacy, and how the methods of biography can help us appreciate this uniquely Canadian figure’s place amongst an international community of dissent during the First World War.

Geoff Keelan received a doctorate from the University of Waterloo and works at Library and Archives Canada as an access archivist.