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Book cover: Canadian Battlefields of the Second World War, by Terry Copp and Matt Baker

On 19 August 1942 Canadian troops went ashore at Dieppe and suffered terrible losses. Nearly two years later on D-Day, 6 June 1944, they returned to France as part of a massive invasion force aimed at the heart of Hitler’s empire.

Here you will find supplementary material including links to sites mentioned in the book, additional maps, further reading, and primary source materials.

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Resources by Chapter

Chapter 1

The Dieppe Raid

Chapter 2

D-Day: The Airborne Bridgehead

Chapter 3

D-Day: Juno Beach

Chapter 4

D-Day: The American & British Beaches

Chapter 5

The Bridgehead Battles

Chapter 6

The Battles for Verrières Ridge

Chapter 7

‘Tractable’ and the Falaise Gap

Resources by Theme

General Reading

Ground Combat

Air Power

Primary Sources and Memoirs

Unit Histories