Dieppe from the western headland.

Chapter 1: The Dieppe Raid


The Raid on Dieppe and Dieppe: Losses, Comments and Aftermath, Chapters XI-XII in Six Years of War: The Army in Canada, Britain, and the Pacific by C.P. Stacey.

Primary Sources

Air Operations at Dieppe: An After-Action Report by Air Marshal Trafford Leigh-Mallory


An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Royal Air Force Contribution to the Raid on Dieppe, 1942 by David Stubbs The Calgary Tanks at Dieppe by Hugh G. Henry C.P. Stacey and the Use of Oral Testimony in the Dieppe Narratives by Tavis Harris Dieppe: the Awards by Hugh A. Halliday Dieppe from a German Perspective German Second World War Art in the Collection of the Canadian War Museum by Antonia Weetman Dieppe from the Other Side German Newspaper Accounts of the Raid by Johannes Jörgensen, Andreas Gropp, and Krista Gropp Dieppe: The Making of a Myth / Dieppe: la fabrication d’un mythe par/by Béatrice Richard The German View of the Dieppe Raid August 1942 by David Ian Hall Memories and Reflections on the Dieppe Raid of 19 August 1942 by John S. Edmondson and R. Douglas Edmondson On the Beach and in the Bag: The Fate of Dieppe Casualties Left Behind by Charles G. Roland. Return to Dieppe: September 1944 by Terry Copp “The support afforded by the air force was faultless” The Royal Air Force and the Raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942 by Ross Mahoney Training for Operation Jubilee Tactics and Training in the Fusiliers Mont-Royal and the Dieppe Raid, 1939-1942 by Caroline D’Amours. The Uncle I Never Knew: A journey to Dieppe to discover Jimmie Burnett by Hanna Burnett Viking Force: Canada’s Unknown Commandos by George Kerr


Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery, see Commonwealth War Graves Commis­sion Dieppe Memorial Museum, Place Camille St. Saëns, Dieppe Dieppe Tourism Jardin Moutiers, Varangeville-sur-Mer


Maps from Six Years of War by C.P. Stacey.