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Irene Gammel Wins 2020-21 C.P. Stacey Award

Scholar Irene Gammel named winner of the 2020-2021 C.P. Stacey Award for I Can Only Paint: The Story of Battlefield Artist Mary Riter Hamilton.

Register now for the 32nd Canadian Military History Colloquium!

Registration is now open for the 32nd Canadian Military History Colloquium, 6-7 May 2022.

Welcome to the Laurier Centre for the Study of Canada

The Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS), which has become one of Canada’s largest military history research centres since its founding in the early 1990s by Terry Copp and Marc Kilgour, is now expanding to become the Laurier Centre...

Introducing the Copp Scholars Program!

One of the flagship initiatives of the Laurier Centre for the Study of Canada is the Copp Scholars Program. Named after one of its founding directors—Terry Copp—and in the spirit of his commitment to cultivating research and learning opportunities for his students,...

Lessons from Bea Alerte and Justin Case

Visual communication and Canadian Cold War propaganda posters By Sara Matthews Animating the Archive: Cold War Civil Defence and Public Pedagogy, is an interdisciplinary, collaborative research project between Wilfrid Laurier University and The Diefenbunker: Canada’s...

Special Issue on the Battle of Hong Kong

Arrival of Canadian Brigade in Hong Kong, 16 November 1941. For its fall 2021 issue, Canadian Military History has published a special issue to commemorate the Battle of Hong Kong's eighteenth anniversary. This issue explores various aspects of the battle, its...

A Precious Opportunity

A draft of servicemen arrives at a Repatriation Depot, the first step in the long journey home. [LAC ZK-996] A version of this piece was delivered at Wilfrid Laurier University's 2021 Remembrance Day Ceremony, organized by the History Student's Association. This...

The Juno Beach Centre is Hiring its 2022 Guide Team!

Dear professors and university professionals, The Juno Beach Centre is recruiting its 2022 Guide Team! We have 6 positions to be filled for three periods of employment throughout the year. All contracts allow for a substantial professional experience for students in a...

On War & Society E46: Oh What a Visual War with Beatriz Pichel

The First World War was a literary conflict producing some of the most memorable poems, novels and plays of the twentieth century. While the Second World War left behind a striking visual record, including famous pictures such as Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima and Wait...

Writing the Canadian Official Histories of the Second World War: The Problems with British Historical Liaison

by Megan Hamilton The historiography of Canadians in the Second World War was largely shaped by the work of official historian Charles P. Stacey. However, Stacey’s ability to produce the early histories of the war was inhibited by a lack of access to important...

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War is a near-constant aspect of the human experience. For better or worse, it has fundamentally shaped societies across the world.

The War and Society collective exists to foster research, education, public outreach and discussion of historical and contemporary conflict. It acknowledges the importance of conflict as well as its diverse and far-reaching impacts which extend beyond the battlefield.

The War and Society collective encompasses a vast array of topics. The Centre’s researchers study the conduct of specific campaigns and wars, analysing how conflicts were fought, why specific decisions were made and how certain outcomes occurred. They also explore the social and cultural aspects of war, including the medicalisation of conditions like “shell shock” or “PTSD,” and wartime experiences on the battlefield and at home. Still, others explore the short- and long-term effects of war on individuals and social change, peacekeeping and peacebuilding initiatives by local and foreign governments and collective modes of remembrance and commemoration of past conflicts.

Ultimately, the War and Society collective examines the totality of war and endeavours to understand how it has shaped the past and present.