Supplementary Reading on the Advance to the Moro River and the Battle of Ortona

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The first installment of our Fall speaker series held at LCMSDS this past Wednesday featured a presentation by Terry Copp in which he examined the strategic and operational decisions of November – December 1943 in the lead up to the Battle of Ortona. As we have become accustomed to, audience participation was fantastic, with many thoughtful comments and questions being raised. If you would like to further explore many of the themes and points of historical debate Terry raised in his presentation, we recommend visiting the links below to Terry’s ongoing series of articles in Legion Magazine.

The Advance To The Moro: Army (Part 66)

Overcoming The Moro: Army (Part 67)

Clearing The Gully: Army (Part 68)

Into Ortona: Army (Part 69)

Winning The Streets Of Ortona: Army (Part 70)

Two years ago the Centre also created an interactive Twitter account, @BattleofOrtona and corresponding blog series written by Terry. The blog series archive can be found here.

The next installment of the LCMSDS Fall speaker series will take place on 6 November at 7:15pm, and will feature a presentation by Mike Bechthold entitled “Saving D-Day: The Royal Winnipeg Rifles in Normandy.”