Terry Copp on the War of 1812 and Its Legacy

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Terry Copp on the Bicentennial of the War of 1812

We recently asked Terry for some brief thoughts on the War of 1812 and his upcoming guidebook, 1812: A Guide to the War and Its Legacy. Click here to listen to a soundbyte of his reponse (0:01:43).




Terry was recently interviewed by TIME magazine journalist Ishaan Tharoor on the War of 1812, its significance, and its Bicentennial.

From the article: “The Canadian government is minting special coins, issuing stamps, erecting new monuments, revamping museum exhibits, paying for dozens of historical reenactments and even launching its own War of 1812 smart-phone app. While historians applaud Harper for his interest in Canada’s heritage, some see a political agenda. “They wish to have Canadians identify with the military and conservative values,” says Terry Copp, director of the Laurier Centre for Military and Strategic Disarmament Studies and a leading Canadian military historian. ‘By the time we get through the fall, there’s going to be a lot of ink spilled, a lot of fireworks exploded.'”

Click to read more of Terry’s comments in the full 2-page article, “The War of 1812: When the U.S. Invaded Canada — and Failed” by Ishann Tharoor, TIMEWorld online, 18 June 2012.