Watch Now: Air Power and the Normandy Beachhead with Terry Copp

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Conferences, Events, War and Society

A version of this lecture was originally presented at the 34th Canadian Military History Colloquium, 3-4 May 2024 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Headshot of Terry Copp.

Terry Copp is the leading scholar of Canada’s military role in the Second World War and an influential advocate for military history in both military and civilian post-secondary education. His books on battle exhaustion, on 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, and his two volumes on the Canadians in Normandy and Northwest Europe, Fields of Fire (2003) and Cinderella Army (2006) have led to a reinterpretation of Canadian soldiers’ effectiveness in 1944 and 1945. He was also the onscreen historian for the television series No Price Too High and a regular contributor to Legion Magazine.

Terry has explored Canada’s European battlefields for more than thirty years with hundreds of students and members of the public. This interest in the battlefields of northwest Europe has led to the creation of battlefield memorials and the publication of a series of battlefield guidebooks.

Terry’s most recent project is Montreal at War 1914-18, available now from the University of Toronto Press.