Watch Now: The Domestication of Human Trafficking with Katrin Roots

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Events, LCSC Speaker Series, Policy Connections for Canada

Human trafficking is an issue that has garnered significant attention in Canada and globally, following the enactment of the United Nations’ Trafficking Protocol in 2002. Expansive laws, policies and mandates against trafficking were put into place following Canada’s ratification of the Protocol. This talk will examine some of the impacts of these efforts over the past twenty years, including how trafficking has come to be defined, and its impacts on sex working, migrant and racialized communities

KATRIN ROOTS is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at Wilfrid Laurier University. She has researched human trafficking laws and enforcement for over a decade and is the sole author of a manuscript forthcoming (Feb 2023) with the University of Toronto Press, entitled The Domestication of Human Trafficking: Law, Policing and Prosecution in Canada. She is also the (co)author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on trafficking law, enforcement, and policing technologies.